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Start organising your content over multiple platforms!

Ever since starting my online business selling Notion templates, I found myself diving into the world of marketing over multiple social media platforms. Having had no experience streamlining my content creation and marketing, I used to "wing it" and push out content without proper planning and organisation. Managing this alone while also leading a hectic student life, this caused major inconsistencies throughout my social media content. That's why I created this template, and my workflow and accuracy has since increased twofold.

This template is for anyone who has, or is starting an online social media presence, and needs a centralised hub to keep track of all the content that you plan to push out. It is easy to adapt to your needs, and serves as a base to help jumpstart your content creation career.

Included in this template are:

  • Posts planner
  • Pre-built templates for main social media platforms
    • YouTube
    • Instagram
    • X/Twitter
    • Facebook
    • TikTok
    • ...all of which can be adapted to other social media platforms
  • Goals tracker
  • Ideas storage
  • Resources storage
  • Sponsor tracker
  • Collaborator tracker


  • Post compiler
    • This is particularly useful for posts that are tagged with multiple hashtags at the end. This automatically compiles your post for you so that you can easily copy and paste it into the platform
  • Character count
    • Embedded in this template is automated character count tailored to each social media platform
  • Activity status detector
    • This tracks the activity status of each platform, letting you know if any one platform has had a content drought

Any questions?

I've included guides on how to use each component of the template, but if you need further clarifications, give me a shout at or on my social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest

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Start organising your content!


Notion Content Planner Copilot

0 ratings
I want this!