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Dive into the world of languages with the ultimate tool: ✨Language Nexus✨

Unveiling a centralized oasis for linguaphiles, where vocabulary, idioms, proverbs, and collocations converge seamlessly. Elevate your grammar game, embark on captivating reading journeys, fine-tune your ears with audio delights, and enrich your visual experience with watch lists. 📖✍️🗣️🎧 Say goodbye to scattered notes and hello to streamlined learning! 🚀

But wait, there's more! 🌟 Experience the power of active recall and spaced repetition with our daily-refreshed flashcards, offering 5 dynamic exercises that supercharge your memory retention. 🧠💡And plus, your progress magically tracks itself! 📈🔍 Let's decode languages together! 🌐💬

Included in this template are:

  • Centralised hub for all languages
  • Databases for vocabulary, idioms & proverbs, and collocations
  • Flashcard system employing active recall and spaced repetition with 5 daily exercises
    • Translate to native language
    • Translate from native language
    • Sentence completion
    • Idioms & proverbs practice
    • Collocations practice
  • Streamlined bank for grammar topics, parts of speech, and general topics
  • Special focus on the four main language learning essentials: Read, Write, Speak, Listen
  • Centralised bank for all your online resources

This template is currently optimised for the Korean language, with more languages coming soon!

Current versions:

  • Language Nexus - decked out with all the databases and exercises you need to start learning the language of your dreams, and with some sweet cover art!
  • Language Nexus (+Korean) - Includes everything of the above, PLUS 200 Korean flashcards (including vocabulary, idioms & proverbs and collocations), verb and adjective conjugations, and more!

Any questions?

I've included guides on how to use each component of the template, but if you need further clarifications, give me a shout at or on my social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest

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🎴 Flashcard System
Spaced Repetition & Active Recall
✍️ Translation Exercises
To and From Native Language
📝 Sentence Completion Exercise
Fill in the Blanks
💬 Idioms & Proverbs Exercise
Enhance Versatility
🗣️ Collocation Exercise
Speak Like Locals
⚡ Linguistic Elements
Grammar, Parts of Speech etc.
📦 Resources Database
Media Sources
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Notion Language Nexus

1 rating
I want this!